Kind Philanthropy (KP)  provides professional tools and services to build social responsibility initiatives (SRI)s for your business, with special attention on the emerging Cannabis and Psychedelic sectors. Everyone wants to give back to their communities, but may not know how or have the time- especially because you are focused on running a business. Kind Philanthropy offers personalized consulting to help causes that you care about the most. A wide range of services are provided, all catered to your unique needs and tailored to your company’s values.


Some examples include:

  • SRI project creation & management 

  • Client relations/ outreach

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Community Building

  • Impact Storytelling (content & marketing)

  • Media & publishing


Under your direction we create a comprehensive plan that integrates these services in a package or piece by piece to fit the exact needs of your company.​ Whether you are already giving back to the community and seek advice about how to tell your story to customers, or you are still launching and need advice about how to channel profits back into the community, Kind Philanthropy has your back at every step of the way to fulfill your vision of a thriving community and society. 


Samantha Sage, MNA

Founder & CEO


Tony Bowles
Consultant/Coach & Advocate

Advisory Board

As a Social Entrepreneur, Samantha Sage founded Kind Philanthropy (KP) with the intention to combine her inherited knowledge of the Cannabis Industry and her vision of people & planet before profits. With a Master's degree from the University of San Francisco in Nonprofit Leadership, Sage has over a decade of service to community-based organizations. Sage is Cannabis savvy because she was raised by a Medical Marijuana activist. As a child her mother taught her to respect Cannabis as an important healing herb, and hemp as an industrial miracle.  

In the early 1990s, leading up to the legalization of Medical Marijuana (MMJ), Sage's family began organizing community outreach to educate the conservative counties in Central California to vote in favor of Proposition 215.  In the 25 years since her family has continued to work with MMJ Compassionate Care Programs, that offer free and low-cost medicine to veterans, disabled people, and marginalized communities. Emerging from this legacy, Kind Philanthropy serves the Cannabis Industry and beyond to keep community giveback culture rejuvenating.  


Ted Russell
Arts Funder & Strategist
Advisory Board

My personal mission is building community and connection, which includes the arts as an instrument in a primary or secondary role. This incorporates people making art, art creating community and art contributing to solutions across issues and sectors.

As a nonprofit sector executive, I possess over twenty-five years experience launching and scaling initiatives, building the capacity of arts organizations and successfully expanding their reach. Please read most recently published report evaluating my 8 years leading the Arts Regional Initiative at The James Irvine Foundation, which provided funding 36 California arts organizations to expand cultural participation & sustainability. The report, Investing in Cultural Participation and Financial Sustainability, linked below, is based on an evaluation conducted by Harder+Company Community Research.

Tony has been involved in the cannabis industry for15+ years, a long-time patient advocate and organizer with Americans for Safe Access (ASA). He’s currently Chair of the Bay Area Safe Access chapter.  He has also been in Coffee, and Tourism for 20 years. He studied Tour Management with the International Tour Management Institute in SF. He’s conducted SF and DC city tours, and wine country tours as well. He’s worked with many successful commercial cannabis operations and organized many successful grassroots advocacy campaigns since 2002. He has also been trained by some of the best in the coffee industry. He was a plaintiff in ASA’s successful lawsuit against the California Highway Patrol. As an original member of the SF ASA Chapter, he played a role in passing Article 37, SF's medical cannabis law. He moved to the DC Metro Area in 2008, when ASA opened their national office to focus on influencing Congress and the federal government. While living in Maryland he organized and trained patients around the state of Maryland in concert with Drug Policy Alliance in the interest of passing medical cannabis legislation. He also founded the original ASA-Maryland Chapter and participated inthe ASA-DC chapter briefly, before returning to theBay Area.Since returning to the Bay Area he has been involvedwith multiple successful cannabis operations,and political campaigns, including the passing ofThe Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act(MCRSA), which was established through a series ofbills passed by the California State Legislaturein 2015 and 2016, as well as The Brownie Mary andDennis Peron Act bill SB 34 in 2019, whichallows cannabis to be given out as compassion. Heis currently involved in legislative efforts at alocal, state, and federal level to expand and strengthenpatient access to cannabis.Hespecializes in building relationships and workingtogether with operators, budtenders andpatients to provide a unique consulting/coaching approachthat helps members identify the mosteffective cannabis strains and delivery methods tomeet each member's individual needs, as well asstorefront operations..He’s certified with a focus on storefront operationsby Americans for Safe Access, (ASA) PatientFocused Certification program, based on recommendationsby The American Herbal ProductsAssociation and American Herbal Pharmacopoeia.

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Sarah Shrader
Cannabis Consultant
Advisory Board

Sarah Shrader witnessed her first federal cannabis raid in San Francisco in 2002, and was deeply impacted by the affects on the community. It was no coincidence that she started volunteering with American’s for Safe Access, as they organized around the federal trial that followed. 


In 2004, Sarah managed Compassionate Health Options, assisting to establish their first four medical cannabis doctors clinics. Her prior medical experience included working as a Chiropractic Assistant, and as an in-home caregiver for mentally and physically disabled patients. She has taught at Oaksterdam University since 2008, and is dedicated to education, research, and advocacy related to medical cannabis. 


During her time working as Northern California Liaison for Americans for Safe Access, she helped organize the response to federal raids, hosted dispensary trainings, attended court support for cannabis cases, and oversaw the peer counseling program. After leaving ASA, she worked as a legal assistant for an “aggressive cannabis defense attorney” where she had the opportunity to work on state and federal cases. 


After her resignation from ASA, she was recognized as the “Patient Advocate of the Year” at ASA’s Unity Conference & Congressional Lobby Day in 2013. Her commitment to public service includes an appointment by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 2010 to the Medical Cannabis Task Force to represent National Policy. This was followed by an appointment in 2015 to the San Francisco State Cannabis Legalization Task Force, to the seat representing Public Policy. And Sarah sat on the Sonoma County Cannabis Advisory Group until it sunset in 2019. 

Her current professional work is dedicated to assisting cannabis businesses get through regulatory hurdles related to compliance & permitting. Sarah is continues her commitment to medical cannabis as the chair of Sonoma Chapter of ASA, and is a proud mother of two.