Social Impact Management

Strategic Planning, Marketing Consulting, Vision/ Values/ Mission Advisory

Social Impact management services is a guided approach to creating and maintaining your social responsibility initiatives (SRIs). Hands-on coaching reveals your company's values to drive your mission forward. Identifying and outreach to community based organizations is the first step to partnership and making an impact!

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Leadership Coaching

What kind of leader are you? Understanding yourself more fully, increasing your confidence, and receiving unbiased feedback are just some benefits to leadership coaching. Elevate your capacity as a manager in a manner that feels like natural conversations with a trusted colleague. Regardless of where you are at in your career, coaching can give you unbiased input, while giving you the tools to feel empowered to be your own unique leader.

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Impact Storytelling

Cause-Marketing, Impact Coaching, Communications consulting, Cross-marketing, Strategy

How do you tell the story of your social responsibility program? Impact storytelling consulting provides a path towards communicating your company's values. Whether your program is still emerging, or has been going on for years, your company can benefit from a review to optimize your marketing strategy. Possibilities with Impact Storytelling are immense, and include cross-marketing and cause-marketing campaigns, communications, press release best practices, and coaching.

Personal development,
Holistic integration,
Focus and mindfulness coaching 

Nonprofit Management

Strategic Planning, Marketing & Communications, Fundraising Advisory

Nonprofit management services will elevate your organization to have the most impact possible. Creating a strategy starts with identifying the exact needs in the lifecycle of the organization and then finding solutions that work. Make the most out of the resources that are available while discovering new ones.

With a Master's in Nonprofit Administration, and over 15 years in the Social Sector, I am here to guide you through challenging times, prepare for growth, and help your organization in a way that is directly catered to your needs. 

Past Clients Include:

*Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, SF           Marketing Advisory

*African American Cultural Arts Complex, SF   Marketing Advisory

*Embodiment Project, SF 

 Grant Writing

*Orchestra Gold, Oakland 

 Grant Writing

*Catalyst Maha  

 Strategic Planning